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unclassified - 20 07 2001 - 18:22 - katatonik

More customized fun

So I decided to enchant my laptop with a bit more RAM. A phonecall was placed, RAM was ordered, a phonecall was returned, RAM haveth arrived.
This morning I walk into the computer shop. No customers there. Three men behind the counter who look at me with expectation in their eyes. I don’t really know whom of the three to address, so I just start takling to the next best desk lamp. “Hello, my name is Kellner, I’ve ordered some RAM”. Laughter like you wouldn’t believe. All three of them start laughing as if I had finally found the best joke ever. I’m standing there, saying nothing and silently pondering over what would happen if I used that same line in my favourite bar next time. Would people find it funny? Is this what humour is supposed to be like nowadays? No wonder nobody laughs about my jokes.
Minutes later, the laughter comes to an end. “Er”, one of the guys says, somewhat embarrassed, “sorry, this had nothing to do with you. But we just gave your RAM to another customer and just before you came in, we were wondering what we would do if Ms. X. came in now.” What joy. Just glad it has got nothing to do with me.

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