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unclassified - 27 05 2002 - 01:20 - katatonik

Leaving the cinema

must have been a stunning film, guys

Children leaving a film screening in Lhasa, 1940. The man to the right is the Dalai Lama’s father, together with one of his non-Dalai-Lama-sons. (See also this related entry, in German.)
The photo seems to be a film still from a roll belonging to the collection of Sir Basil Gould. Roll number five, entitled “subjugation” (“Niederwerfung”).
Printed in Peter H. Hansen, “Der tibetische Horizont: Tibet im Kino des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts.” In: “Mythos Tibet – Wahrnehmung, Projektionen, Phantasien”, Köln, Dumont, 1997.

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