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osmpr - 23 04 2003 - 19:02 - katatonik

Futile searching, happy noting

Searched around for a ftp client with a nice graphical interface. This time I am not going for the super-orthodox operating system convert who out-command-lines the command-line-freaks. No, moderation is in order, and moderate ex-Windows-users prefer their graphical interfaces when ftp-ing.

Searched, searched, searched.

Until I realised that I can just open an ftp account in Konqueror, the web browser, and then drag whatever local files I like dragging around into the open account window. See how they fly: out of the local window, into the account window, chirping like chechnyan swallows (just for phonetic pleasure. Repeat ten times: chechnyan swallows chirp chocolate charcoals). Bliss.

Oh, and the keyboard configuration could also be accomplished, with a little bit of anal syntax retentiveness. OpenOffice 1.0.2 doesn’t like me holding down AltGr+a and expecting ā to appear, but all the other editors and utilities do. Have now taken to writing myself yellow post-it-notes in Sanskrit, on-screen (yellow post-it-windows, if you like). Am not writing anything else anymore. Which goes to show.

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