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le cross et le culture et le thinking - 29 07 2003 - 17:31 - katatonik

Tanya Grotter

Tanya Grotter

Tanya Grotter’s creator Dmitry Yemets:

“Tanya Grotter was not meant to become a re-development to Harry Potter. It was a Russian response to Harry Potter, a parody. Tanya Grotter is a girl with a mole on her nose. She goes to study at a school of magicians. This is the initial point of the story. Other books about Tanya do not have any reference to Rowling’s books.”

(Pravda online interview). Tanya Grotter rides a magical double bass.

JK Rowling filed, and won, a lawsuit against Byblos, a Dutch publishing company who wanted to publish a dutch version of “Tanya Grotter and The Magic Double Bass”. (BBC news).

Publication of the Tanya Grotter books in Russia doesn’t seem to have been affected by the lawsuit.

It is very cheerful book, but she{it} can be not clear to foreigners, she{it} is closer to the Russian person, the first book is a parody, the second something too is from Harry, but the others absolute does not converge in any way with Potter!

munya (Jul 12, 03:04 pm) #

I love Tanya Grotter. The books are very funny, and have a very Russian root to them.

Tanya (Apr 1, 01:18 am) #

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