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language fiddling - 6 05 2005 - 13:09 - katatonik


“How should whisk(e)y be spelled ?

Whiskey, with an “e” is how the generic word is spelled when unconnected to a brand name. Most Irish and American distillers also use this spelling. Scottish and Canadian products are however spelled without the “e” as in whisky.”


und wieviele davon sind notwendig, um diesen feinen unterschied zu erkennen?

snvl (May 6, 03:54 pm) #

ich pflege ja whisk(e)ys in 2 kategorien zu unterteilen:
kat 1: macht lyrisch (z.b. talisker, laphroaig)
kat 2: macht bastei lübbe (z.b. glenfiddich, johnny walker )

sandra (May 6, 10:31 pm) #

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