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social and antisocial - 5 08 2002 - 22:44 - katatonik

Oh, and by the way

My first real consultation meeting at the unemployment office unfortunately only lasted two minutes and 43 seconds.

- “Hm. So you really have a job starting this October?”
- “Yes.”
- “Fine. Then let’s leave it at that.”

I was disappointed.
I was really eager to learn what advice unemployment officials have to give to a 30-odd PhD in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies.
In anticipation, and following a suggestion made by the ever-so-kind Mr. Snivlem (whose most outstanding character trait is his absolute lack of curiosity), I had even brought a hidden recording device – to tape all those brilliant ideas on “how to make Tibetology marketable”.
Which is why, at least, I know the meeting lasted exactly 2:43.
Oh well. It seems we have to continue with our own business plans after all.

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