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art - 9 02 2003 - 20:07 - katatonik


Tile from the Buyan-quli Khan mausoleum

“Sandwiched between an old Czarist steam engine now melting tar, and a foul-smelling meat factory, is the little 14th century Buyan Kuli Khan mausoleum, renowned for its innovative ceramic freezes unequalled in their period anywhere in Islam.”
(Restoring Uzbekistan’s Ancient Sites, see also here and this description of today’s surroundings).

The “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe” in Hamburg owns about 400 tiles from the Buyan-quli Khan mausoleum, Bukhara.

There also seems to be a 3D rendering of the mausoleum online, though my browser couldn’t make it to the actual page.
Photos of various Bukhara monuments, and such, from an otherwise obscure Korean website.

Part 2.

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