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on the road - 13 12 2002 - 20:15 - katatonik

Embarrased Anonymous

“When we stopped at an Esso Tiger Mart for food and a break, I was horribly embarrassed to be with the Germans. They had filthy bare feet, spandex pants over very unflattering thighs, beaded and braided hair, sloppy t-shirts and shorts and a completely ungroomed, disrespectful demeanor. This could have been passed off as a hippie thing, but two families were present about the van. To add to my embarrassment, I had not been able to shave for two days on account of the cold water. And while the rest of my appearance was acceptable, my stubble made me feel part of the ruffian crowd. Oh, well. At least I didnÂ’t reflect badly on my country – everybody thought I was German. No Americans travel to Asia.”

From an Asia Travel Journal.

I admire every person who wears spandex trousers, because they require either a perfect physique or complete peace with one's body. Spandex pants are not for people with insecurities.

Franz Fuchs (Dec 13, 10:48 pm) #

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