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- 5 06 2004 - 13:51 - katatonik

Sound, lost and found

“Lost & Found Sound” was a program of Radio CBC in Canada that ran up to November, 2000. RealAudio streams of some of their programs can be heard here.Rare sounds are heard, and stories are told about how they were found, lost, rediscovered, lost, found again, and so forth. Slow stories, detailed stories, fascinating stories.

For instance: Frank Carenza hosted the Italian radio show “Weekend in Italy” for 30 years. When moving to a smaller house, Frank and Rose Carenza donated their entire record collection to the Canadian Museum of Civilization. On another program, a retired linguistics professor speaks about an ancient recording in the Beothuk language. The Beothuk originally inhabited Newfundland. The last known Beothuk died in 1829. Almost a century later, the american anthropologist Frank Speck recorded Santu, an elderly woman, singing a song she had learnt from her Beothuk father. On yet another program you can hear the story of recordings of more than hundred Inuit songs, made during the first Canadian Arctic Expedition to the Central Arctic.

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