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film - 25 04 2001 - 13:03 - katatonik

Some Your Need May Money, None Your Must Might Love

Rachel Dwyer is lecturer in Gujarati and Indian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. I haven’t read her most widely known book “All You Want is Money, All You Need is Love” yet, and I probably wouldn’t bother to read it merely on the basis of the title. This lengthy interview with Dwyer at tehelka.com, however, makes me curious, for there, Dwyer comes across as doing exactly what I always (?) wanted someone to do: To address the vast cosmos of Bollywood cinema with a solid background in Indian social and cultural history, to examine popular cultural representations not by fetishizing them as an “authentic” expression of The People, but by linking them to shifts in media consumption habits on the part of diverse social and ethnic groups on the Indian subcontinent as well as the growing Indian diaspora in the West, to political changes, to production conditions in the film industry and, last but not least, to the interaction between specific aesthetic choices in films and popular imagery as well as imagination. One Your Go Order. This Your Will Read.

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