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- 16 05 2001 - 23:17 - katatonik

There is music everywhere

Music in the living-room. But there was always music in the living-room. How could there not have been music in the living-room, given that there is a stereo in the living-room. But now there is also music in the bedroom. And there is also music in the kitchen. There is the same music all over the place. Because the wireless speakers have arrived. The wireless speakers are all over town, patiently and well-behavedly waiting in shopping windows of a coffee’n junk vendor near you, right next to inflatable socks and deflatable towels. There are no wireless sinks yet. Otherwise I could do the dishes and listen to music in all rooms at the same time. Oh well, then I’ll just skip the dishes and consider myself a victim of insufficiently quick technological progress. Mental note: Add this to list of victim groups with potential – “victims of promised technological progress that never happened”.

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