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- 8 05 2003 - 21:52 - katatonik

Pazoom, pazooooooom

Last autumn witnessed a veritably traumatic event of bicycle theft. It was beautiful. It was practical. It was perfect. It was mine no longer.

Today, lovely spring witnessed the arrival of a huge cardboard box. I signed a paper. I cut the tape open. I reached into the box and pulled out a brand-new bicycle. It is beautiful. It is practical. Well, yes. I only had to adjust the handlebar and fix the pedals. Off I went.

Words fail to describe the blissful experience of pazoooom, pazooooom.

Given the occasion, here’s a song with the word bicycle in it.

she likes to write her bi-cy-cle

gHack (May 8, 10:30 pm) #

queen? ah! clea-ning-wo-maaaaaaaan!

katatonik (May 8, 11:28 pm) #

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