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- 9 02 2005 - 09:31 - katatonik

Another nerdish opportunity missed (this time: whistling music)

I distinctly remember having noted down somewhere in the blog-neighbourhood my, if passing, interest in music accompanied by whistling. Or perhaps I just made it up and told it to someone in a bar.

Anyway,the good news are that I don’t have to develop this into an obsession, spend a non-existent fortune on obscure records and lots of time mp3-ing them, to end up with a cultish website that related nerdish freaks will cherish.

It’s already been done: Whistling records, offering over a 100 mp3s from whistlers across the entire era of sound-recording: from early, cracking tunes that mainly served to document birds’s characteristic tunes over hillibilly whistling to Whistling Jack Smith, or Roger Whitaker, who released the album “Whistling ‘round the world” (also known as “Le tour de monde en sifflant”); the track “Japanese Whistler” is available at the site. Please also note the collection of Johan Dalgas Frisch in the section “Bird songs and Training Records”, who released a whole series of records with Brazilian bird tunes.

Edit: Found the reference point: Ronsens: Musik mit Pfiff

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