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- 30 12 2007 - 19:46 - katatonik

It is cake

“I love this Viennese confection for its understatement – no cream, no cherries, no booze, no swirls or curlicues. I love its shiny icing; the faint tang of fruit from the wafer-thin layer of apricot jam, and the single badge of dark chocolate that is its only adornment. But what I like most is the fact that it is cake. Most chocolate cakes nowadays seem to think they are a souffle, a giant truffle or a slice of wet mousse. Others, further down the social scale, seem to think they are a hat, but we are not concerned with those. The Sachertorte carries a certain unfussy dignity. It is a cake that doesn’t have to shout.”

Nigel Slater on the Sachertorte. I respectfully disagree with his position on where the apricot jam goes. Only when it’s in the middle, not right under the icing, can it unfold its fruity potential, and, most importantly, prevent the cake from tasting like chocolate sand.

well, yeah. mr. slater gets his sachertorte at demel’s, where they put the jam only under the icing, not in the middle (so as not to be sued again by the sacher guys, who put jam in both places).

what would slater say about the sacher-masoch-torte?

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